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Re: Eclair Cameras: The Future!

In the end I agree ... that darn butterfly in China makes it difficult to plan anything out with assurance. (Chaos Theory of Physics for those not familiar). What I really dread is the day that theaters get their films beamed in by satellite, and everything is scheduled by a central theater-chain to be the same everywhere, just like today's TV networks. Today, the theatrical feature makes Steven Spielberg and Joe Q. Filmmaker with an ACL equals of sorts --- because of film festivals there is access for Joe Q. Filmmaker to the big screen, and in a few cases, into general release. Owing to this, the Theatrical Film biz is still a very slightly open market of sorts. Turn it all into Big Screen TV via satellite and the whole system will, I dread, get as vapid as TV --- in fact it is already heading that way. Just my 2 cents again.

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