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Eclair Cameras: The Future!

Mark wrote: I don't think that HD will ever be more cost effective than film in the big picture: it will simply shift the profits from Rochester to Tokyo. Really? There are so many factors involved in machines with moving parts (like film cameras). In fact, filmmaking is by nature less democratic than videomaking. Electronics are more democratizing than mechanics. That is why I love that line in the Elvis Costello song "Human Touch" that says:

"I can't stand anymore of that mechanical grace."

Because it really "looks like a luxury but feels like a disease." In other words, you ship your camera off somewhere, and some bozo at FedEx drops it, and the lens gets off kilter. Whereas with video cameras, because they use electronics rather than moving parts they are not so finicky. You don't hear people going off about "thousanths of a millimeter" when they speak of video cameras (at least not in the same way--they might be talking about a CCD or something). What I'm really trying to say is that film cameras are a bitch and moviemaking is a moneypit.

I think that one day video technology will completely eliminate the need for shooting film, and the differnence between the consumer and the professional will no longer be a measure of equipment quality but rather the abilities of the filmmaker. The handwriting is on the wall with the new Star Wars movies and that Panasonic 24P camcorder the AG...(I can't remember the model number).

That is just a view through my crystal ball. Your mileage may vary on yours.

Michael Welle

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