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Re: Eclair Cameras: acl original packaging-factory materials-comments

All things being equal, I think it is fair to say that the major factor affecting "quality" in the film process is the FILM STOCK and LENS, not the camera. HOWEVER, there are definitely lower end cameras that have inferior registration (and of course non-crystal motors for 100% accurate speed).

I have found the registration (steadiness) on a correctly tuned ACL to be outstanding.

Other than such issues such as brightness of viewfinder and other bells and whistles, I do not think footage shot with an Arri or Aaton would produce better images than those shot with an ACL. I have intercut footage shot with an Aaton and an ACL and blown to 35mm with absolutely no way of distinguishing the difference. Mark. PS - This is unlike HD Video, where the camera itself makes all the difference. One can shoot on a 50 year-old film camera and get identical image quality as a modern Panaflex; but last year's HD Camera is last year's image quality. Want the best in Video, spend another $150,000 or more on a new camera. With film, just buy the latest emulsion and use a good lens. I don't think that HD will ever be more cost effective than film in the big picture: it will simply shift the profits from Rochester to Tokyo. Mark.

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