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Eclair Cameras: Film Camera Quality

Eric wrote: comparing a higher end arri to an acl, is it not merely the features and construction of the camera as it relates to ease of use and options that make a $40k arri better then a $3k acl? could they both not shoot the same quality of film if each was running correctly as they were intended?

I've been wondering this also. "Leaving Las Vegas" was shot with an Aaton XTR Prod in Super16. If you took an Eclair ACL and modified it for Super 16 and then used the same lenses that they used in the aforementioned film, would you end up with basically the same final product? I know that the shutter angles of the XTRProd might have been different (although if they were either 144 or 175 that would be within range for the ACL in Super 16). Does the camera really make a difference or is it "all in the lens"?

Michael Welle

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