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Re: Eclair Cameras: Light Meter Issues

It would certainly be a pain to try to retain the light meter with a Super-16 conversion, and frankly I've never done it. But I can visualize how it would be accomplished.

It could involve replacing the convex lens on the prism with a longer one, using a wide angle diopter on the viewfinder to see both the light meter and the full super-16 frame, and ultimately the circle in the finder that represents where the reading is taken would be off-center of the image. I gave suggestions in the HD-144 manual for those who wanted to try, but I think it may fall into the category of either "Life is too short" or "the cost is more than the camera is worth." But check with Bernie O'Doherty. Also, August Loessberg has been playing with enlarging the field of view through the finder, which would be a major help. Mark.

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