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Eclair Cameras: Light Meter Issues

Upon browsing the web, I have come across a few different websites which tell the ASA sensitivity of the built-in light meter on the Eclair ACL. One site says that it only is sensitive up to 400ASA. The other says it is sensitive up to 800ASA.

Contrary to popular opinion, I actually like the built in light meter as I find it much quicker and easier to take readings when shooting on the go. However, recently I was informed by Bernie O'Doherty that having the light meter activated can lead to image flicker problems. I was going to have him create an on/off switch for me so I can take light readings and then shut the meter off before shooting.

Lastly, I get the feelings from reading other posts that the Super 16 conversion makes it difficult if not impossible to retain the light meter. However, after looking at the HD-144 site, it describes how it is possible to retain the light meter with the conversion. Can anyone out there clear up some of these apparent contradictions?

Michael Welle

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