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Eclair Cameras: RESPONSE: kodak 14n dSLR


yes, it takes days and perhaps weeks to scan a feature film's worth of film. good thing i am only shooting one film. and even better thing i am not able to shoot it in under a week, otherwsie i would have painted myself into a corner with this particular configuration ... would you not agree? good thing i did not make some silly post that implied i was getting into the film digitizing business, and offering my services to everyone here ... i am glad i merely stated that for my OWN film i would satisfy these requirements with said contraption/device/camera.

perhaps you could better explain to me how you feel unethical about using a product under a paid warranty, because i do not understand your comment, or statement(or was it a accusation?). however, assuming you were making a somewhat negative comment to me, and insinuating or implying that i am or would be somehow unethical in my purhcase and use of a consumer product, under said terms and conditions of a premium billed warranty, i shall reply under this assumption, and perhaps it may better explain my position seeing as how you asked ..ur, negatively catagorized it;

personally speaking(just about me, and no one else), i am under the impression that items i have purchased from various companies, like kodak for example, have all been done with some sort of conditional limitation, wherein they have asked i release and hold harmless kodak for 'blah blah blah whatever they list on their terms and conditions that apply to the specific product and it's intended use. as a company, they have rights to place restrictions on what they will cover under manufacture defect, and what they will not. they als ohave the right to sel ltheir product with conditional use, which is to say the product can only be used for a particular purpsoe in a particular way. in the case of the kodak 14n, their terms do not limit or restric my use, or any other person's use that may so own or pocess the camera. are you with me thus far? assuming you are; i, as a free man, in a free part of the world, elected to purchase an item from kodak that did not restrict me or limit me or my use or pocession of the item. i did so under my own free will. now then, kodak sold me the product under their own free will. so we have consenting people/entities represented by people. and now we get to the point ... kodak, the entity, as is dictated by the free will of those in custody of it's actions, has made available a product/service/sku# that directly applies to their 14n, wherein it is implied, guaranteed, and expressed in writing their offer to WARRANTY said kodak 14n. as such, this warranty has terms and conditions and restrictions and limitation and on and on. all of which, kodak has been responsible for. in said warranty, it neither implies or instructs or limits or conditions the owner's use of the camera as it relates to it's mechanical operation purpose. which is to say, if you wish to shot one photo or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000. photos, you can. kodak does not make that a restriction or a limitation. they do however suggest i neither drop it in a pond of water, or set it on fire, in which case they clearly state they will not cover the item or warranty it in any such way. is any of this ringing some bells?

michael, my reponse, as you can see is writen with some obvious ball-busting. i did so becasue you opened yourself up for this ball-busting. however, i am not busting your balls to start a fight, but rather just to make point. if you, in your own life, feel right or wrong about something, then YOU need to act on those feelings. we all know what is right or wrong for us on an individual basis ... no one else can tell us how we feel and why we feel it. each of us maintains our own dignity and self respect and mutual respect towards others based on the first two. so i respect the fact that you consider a certain something 'unethical' and hope you always make the right decisions in your life so you do not bend or break for your own values and ideals. but if you intend on making statements that assumes you know what is or what is not my intentions, be they ethical by your definitions, or not, then you should do so only if you are considering a binding obligation with me. and in that obligation, i would suggest you clearly state your terms and conditons, based on what you consider ethical or not, so that the other party may understand your position and make their decision to engage in an obligation with you, as well as disclose with you their terms and conditions based on their ideals. this way, you have a fully disclosed agreement between one another, and with this type of agreement, you both are less likely to suffer any negative effects as a result.

regarding my position with kodak, you, or anyone else ... i am perfectly capable of FULLY DISCLOSING my intentions, as i recall myself doing in my last post. i do so without any regret becasue they are my honest intentions, based on my own ideals, which in your eyes may represent what i consider ethical or not. if you beleive it is unethical of me to enter into a binding agreement with kodak, wherein i may benefit under the terms and conditions as set forth by kodak under said warranty, then that is YOUR right. if in the future you may find yourself confusing your rights with my rights or kodak's rights(or ideals, or warranties, or claims, or terms or conditions, or whatever), then i will fully disclose now in this message that i beleive myself, you, or anyone else on this planet should FIRST ask themself a simple question: is it any of my business and does it really concern me? if so, then may i be MUTUALLY RESPECTFUL in my relations so that i may discover the FACTS and confer with the applicable parties PRIOR to making loose, hurtful, negative, and thoughtless disregarding statements that may lend to misrepresent the TRUTH, or confuse the ideals of one person with those of another.

if you, or anyone else on this site do not want to engage in any type of binding relationship with me, then dont. it's your right. if you or anyone else desire to engage with kodak, or any other comapny, then do so accoridng to your own merit and motivating factors. if you or anyone else engage in any such binding obligation, wherein you or the other party does not honor or adher to the agreement, then you take it up with them. and until it has been reasonably concluded by both you and them, or a third party, be it an arbitration or a judicial rule, it is BEST not to gossip with all the little school boys and girls during recess. that would surely be unethical in anyone set of standards, wouldn't you agree?

now then, i apologize for the tone of this message, but do not have any regrets for writing it. i would hope michal, that you and i can move past this, and in the future maintain a mutual respect for one another that lends itself to relevent subject matter that both you and are privi to. and in the event something may warrant the though of public awareness or announcement, wherein the villagers are warned of the big bad wolf in sheeps clothing, let us do so without crying wolf PRIOR to actually knowing who the wolf is. this way, we can all depend on each other for accurate information, not gossip.


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