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Re: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss Zoom T3 vs. Zeiss T2

Hi Hans,
Thanks for the valuable information.  If you use a Zeiss 10-100 T2 on a
Super-16 camera, what is the widest focal length the lens can cover at 5
feet?  What is the widest focal length it will cover at infinity?
Since the lens is not designed for Super-16 will there be any problem
with the lack of sharpness at the edge of the frame?  If not, why?
Sorry for all the hard questions, but if you or anyone can answer any of
them it would be such a help.  You've already been an enormous help
already.  Something makes me wary of using a 16mm lens on a format that
it was not originally designed for.  Please comment and justify your
position for or against 16mm lenses on Super 16.

Mike Welle
Hi Mike

The shortest focal length you can use with the 10-100 mm Zeiss T2 zoom lens
on a super-16 format is around 25 mm on infinity and 40 mm on 5 feet.
With shorter focal length you will get dark corners.

The Zeiss 10-100 T3.0 will not cover super-16 at all.

The Cooke 9-50 mm T2.5 will cover super-16 from around 20 mm and up.
No diff. between inf. and 5 feet.

The Angenieux 9.5-57 mm covers super-16 from 25 mm and up.
No diff. between inf. and 5 feet.

Most prime lenses from 12 mm and longer focal length will cover super-16 mm.

The Zeiss HS 9,5 mm T1.3 will cover super-16,  but is not very sharp outside
the normal-16 mm area. This lens is not listed in the Arri´s list over Zeiss
lenses covering super-16

The Kinoptik´s 9 mm prime lens covers super-16, and is very sharp even in
the corners, It´s a little bit warmer than the Zeiss lenses, more like the
Cooke lenses.

Hope this information will help you

Hans Hansson, FSF

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