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RE: Eclair Cameras: film processing b&w reversal

thanks wade.

if somone can take the complete kodak sku/cat# product listings as they sell for processing b&w tri-x and plus-x, and create detailed instructions, step by step, with digital snapshots and detailed descriptions, using a little 16mm film tank, or a small tank for a short strip, i would glady renumerate for the time spent. the people at kodak, or at least the 6-10 folks i have spoke with, are all basically ignorant of what their company is selling. i have yet to speak with anyone that knws what they are talking about ... much less speak to someone that does not make the statement 'we do not sell movie film like that' or some other crazy remark.

the chemicals kodak sells come in large quantity bottles with fluids and powers. i beleive there are 7 differant chemicals for processing the tri/plus-x films through reversal. only on of the 2 part mixes came with instructions, and they were no-brainer instructions that said mix part a with part b. i need to know the exact measurement reductions down to fl. oz or mL in the under 1 cup mix size, so ican start testing strips of film, instead of rolls or entire batches of film. i have never procesed film before. while on vacation in oaxaca mexico a few months back, i talked a lab into letting me borrow one of their still 35mm cameras and i purchased a roll of ilford b&w negative film, 125asa. i walked around town and shot the 36 exposures. i went back to the lab and the develper took me in back and proceeded to show me how to process my still film. it was very easy, and my film camera out great/perfect. however, there were only two mixes .. the developers and the fixer. and he had then alreayd mixed in a small quantity for me that filled a little 35mm still roll jobo tank. so i did not learn about the smaller mix rations/formulas.

for example, the b&w reversal bleach and replinisher arrived to me directly from kodak in a 75.7 litre bottle that when mixed makes 20 gallons. this is part c. the other part a and b are powers, in differant measures, as are the other fluids, etc. if someone has the correct mix formula for these kodak chemicals that would give me mixed batches no great then 5fl oz's(150mL's) across the board, so i can process strips or single rolls, i would gladly pay for this information. kodak has bewen terrible to work with in this sense, and i have not made any progress with them. once i have a mixture chart for small batches based o nthe kodak sku's as mentioned above, i can then move to understnading the actual times for each that the flm needs to be subjected. and the temps, etc. if a detailed simple instruction ws writen, i could get on to learning and experimenting and understanding. i do not have access to other chemicals of mixes easily, asi live in cabo, and it is so very difficult to get items in here, especially ground ship only chemicals. so what i have i must use.

and then, i could post these instructions on my website and every other website around and make it easy for every other poor shmuk like myself to process my film. the problem is, when you order directly from kodak their b&w reversal tri/plus-x film chemicals, they come in very large size containers. they do not sell a small kit of sorts, and they most certainly do not provide any newbee instructions, as they assume anyone purchasing these chemicals knows what the heck they're doing. well, i dont :) <meep> but i would desperatly like to, so i can practice and practice some more and eventually get it down to a controlable process, wherein i am in control ... not the process.

i purchased a microfilm/16mm film processing machine on ebay, and before i dump a ton of chemicals($$$$) into it, i wnat to know how, why, etc.


Wade Ramsey wrote:


Our lab processes Kodak B&W reversal for our students' projects. I'll check with the lab man about the new process chemicals. There has to be some sort of first developer, otherwise there is nothing to redevelop.

The new process increases the speed of Plus-X Rev. from 50 to 100, a mixed blessing, depending on where you are shooting (interior or exterior.)

I'll let you know what our lab man says, but I see in the lab a cubitainer marked 'B&W Reversal First Developer Replenisher'.
Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

>>> eric@earthid.org 1/3/04 11:40:14 AM >>>
anyone here process the eclair footage themselves? if so, perhaps you could enlighten me. i rencetly contacted kodak and asked them to help me with a purchase that concerned processing b&w reversal tri and plus x films. as such, i was sold the following:

-rapid fixer w/hardner(parts A & B, both liquids. 1.38 gallons makes 5 gallons) -reversal bleach and replinisher(parts A -4 pounds & B -2 pounds, both powders x 2 bottles each, and to mix with part C liquid 1.24 gallons x 4
bottles to make 20 us gallons)
-reversal clearing bath and replinisher(5 gallons to make 15 gallons)
-reversal redevoloper and replinisher(liquid, 5 gallon makes 15 gallons)

am i missing something here? these are the NEW chemicals/cat#'s from kodak. however, from all the online instructions i have read reg arding processing b&w reversal, all of them make reference to a 'first developer' chemical. is this no longer required with the new chemicals? or are all the sales reps at kodak completely ignorant of the products their company sells(i have had sales reps tell me they do not sell k-40, as well as other dumbfounding statements that have given me indication the sales people at kodak have absolutely no clue what they are selling)? regarding these chemicals, when i had ordered, i had used the
old cat#'s from their website:
cat# 1866284 developer starter 1 qt. for making 15 gallons
cat# 1866268 first developer replinisher cat# 1866201 redevolper cat# 1866227 reversl bath and replinisher cat# 1866243 reversal bleach cat# 1464114 fixer solution min qty 4.

but what i actually received are the items i first mentioned. when i contacted kodak, they told me that my original order for the above cat#'s could not be filled, so they replaced them with the new chemicals. i contacted my sales rep again, and asked if she was certain, or if she could ask someone that knew, if i received everything i must have in order to process tri and plus-x to reversal. she emailed me back and said yes, i have everything. does any here know for certain? making long distance calls to kodak have proven more trouble then they are worth. what makes this particularly frustrating, is the chemicals must be shipped ground. so to get them down here into mexico, i had to first ship them to orange county, and then have someone drve them across the border into mexico, and ship them from within mexico to me. so it is a process to say the least, and dependant on having someone willing to drive them across the border for me. so if i am indeed missing a chemical, i will most likely let out a loud groan and mumble some curse words.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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