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RE: Eclair Cameras: Collimation/Coatings

well, the point is; all is good with the lenses, and that makes me feel a l o t better about the whole thing. in fact, i has won bid last week, and was sort of waiting to get some feedback from someone about the seller and the actual lenses prior to sending him the $3999.99 i paid for them. so i am glad you replied, because he emailed me asking for payment :) so tomorrow, i shall pay, and hopefully next week sometime bernie will have them and they will be as were your lenses.

i forgot to ask, did your set include an 8mm? mine did not. he is selling the 8mm for a couple thousand, which seems out of balance considering i only paid $4k for the other remainign primes in the set. what makes the 8mm so expensive? also, do you realize that we purchased our sets for less then half then i have seen them advertised anywhere else??!! that is one hell of a cost savings. i really look forward to receiving my camera from bernie, andrew, and then lee, with all the goodies and these prime lenses. it will be nice not having to be concered whether or not i properly adjusted my lenses(thus far, i have adjusted all of my own lenses to my camera bodies, and have obtained all really good results, but i do not have an ideal result to compare my work to. so with these lenses on my acl, i will be able to see the differance between my own lens adjustment and that from a pro. i will also be able to correctly compare these primes agaisnt the angineux switar, etc. type lenses i have, and most people have on these types of cameras, and be able to have side by side comparisons to determine if it is really worth spending the extra money for expensive primes or zooms. and i am ot talking about the projection sense, but about tv/sd/hd analog and digital display sense. in other words, if my final film is going to be hd or sd or dv or tv, then to this degree what does the differance make between a common angenieux 12-120 and a set of $4-10k primes. will be interesting to learn.


Michael Welle wrote:

Bernie said the flaws could be removed in the coating. He mentioned that grease tends to settle in there over time. I don't know enough details about the reasons for collimation, but it didn't cost very much to have it done for the three that needed it, so that was good news. That's all I know.

Mike Welle

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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