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Re: Eclair Cameras: DIY Telecine: Software

Reading all the subs on digitizing over the last week
or so, I just had to try an experiment...

I took pictures using my digital still cam of a room,
panning the cam by a couple of degrees between each
shot. I then converted these images to .BMP format,
then made the series into an .AVI using BMP-zu-AVI
(freeware program available from www.e314.de). What
you get is a nice smooth pan of a room, at whatever
resolution you camera happens to record at (I used a
basic 1280x960). You can then use Studio or similar to
make an MPEG2 file suitable for DVD.

So the upshot is, if one were to make a device
incorporating a cine movement and digicam (as
mentioned on the list), you could make top-notch .AVIs
from your film for use in DVD (or back to film if high
enough res) making which would require hardly any
extra investment.

It took a while to get a few seconds of 'footage'

Worth a play?


Films zijn zilver
Video's zijn rost
(Als je vragen moet, dan begrijp je niet)

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