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Eclair Cameras: RESPONSE: B&W reversal

interesting. well, my motivating factor is being able to master the filmstocks themselves. shooting color or b&w neg i have found is much more forgiving, so i tend to take advantage of that when filming(i should say shooting test rolls, as i have yet to actually film anything considered part of a movie). my objective when using these stocks is to acheive desired and controlled results on the filmstock itself, and not afterwards on the computer. once i get this mastered, then i can start messing around with processing techniques at the lab(or for my own attempts, here at home). and naturally, and eventually, i can maniplate each particlar filmstock on the computer as desired. so really my personal objective right now is to master each filmstock(while they still readily exist ... who knows, in 5 years some of them could be discontinued) and understand the chemistry and light/lens variables, and then once understood i can move to understanding the processing variables that can be imployed. i have a good understanding of what can be done on the computer, which is basically just about anything you so desire. it is the disclipine that interests me, not just the filming and story/content.

same thing with audio recording ...i have yet to really explore that aspect as of yet, but have the tools now, so i just need to invest the time. same thing applies to the use of lens filters and lighting filters and lighting itself. right now, i could not replicate a particlar look in a confident or controlled manner from memory. at best, i can look at my notes and my final exposed and processed and transferred film, but even then, i did not have control over the processing and transfer, so those variables on much of the film i have shot thus far are not within my control and understanding. this is why i am trying to understand the science/art of processing my own film limited to black and white for the time being(not certain how difficult or how expensive it will be to process my own color film). and then stocks like k-40 can't even be processed at home, and are limited to what ... 2 labs in the world? so assuming stocks like k-40 are always going to be outside of my creative control in terms of processing, i will merely need to learn what is possible from the labs point of view/capabilities, and work with those variables accordingly.

i enjoy every other aspect about where i live, being a remote location in a town with little resourses to begin with. but not having motion picture film resourses, and not having a very effective shipping and receiving process, including importation, are the only reasons i long to like in a place like california once again. just being able to hop in the car and visit a lab or pick up a part or product needed would be so nice. having to do this in a remote manner as such, at times is extremely frustrating to say the least. again, this is why i am trying to master and contain any and all processes i can here at home under my own control. there is no way i could afford to hop on a plane and visit the lab or telecine house to supervise my film sessions ... so i have to take as much under my own control as possible if i want to master the processes of film and be able to replicate them as i need the from memory based on personal experience. i ENVY those fimmakers shooting mtv music films/videos, because they get to really experience the available options with the currently available filmstocks and processes ... so seeing as how some of these filmmakers are shooting 5-20 videos their first and second years affords them not only the ability to shoot that amount of film, but it gives them the creative options to push the limits of film, which i find absolutly empowering and cool. have bear to pick up a video camera anymore ... it serves no source of mental stimulation whatsoever for me at this point in my life ... the only things i do find of interest with a vdeo camera is the ability to test our filters and lighting in a down and dirty way prior to using actual film cameras/film. but when i capture an image or sequence of moving images on film, the excitement and fear of WAITING to see what you actually did capture is thrilling and exciting and scary all at the same time. and for each roll i shoot and for thre time i have to wait, i find my excitment is increasing while my fear is reducing simply because i have more control over the process itself, and am understanding the ways with which i cna replicate or generate the desired and intended results i aimed for in the first place. but i am far from being at a place that i could be completely confident about any filmstock i use and the maner in which i have set the scene up, framed it, etc. i can only assume this is the same for everyone else starting out in film ... it takes a shit ton of film to get confident about what you are filming. so this exctement is a real hook for me on the technical side of things. then combining this with the stories i write, and the ways i am able to frame/scene each point of the story, and how i am able to tie and relate each aspect together during editing is simply thrilling. but the reality is blatent, and for my own personal learning curve, i am at this point dedicated to reducing the amount of time i have to wait from the point of exposing my film to actually being able to manage it on the computer for editing purposes, hence a DIY film digitizer, film processor, etc. what i really need to research and locate and get my hands on at this point would be a time freezer and a money tree :) anyone have a couple of these they are willing to part with or list on ebay ;)

Super16ACL@aol.com wrote:
I'll say one thing for B&W reversal: artistically lit and 100% correctly exposed, original Plus-X reversal film projected is the most beautiful film in the world. The problem is that it doesn't duplicate well (as with all projection contrast films).

Now if a scanner ever existed with the density range to create copies of IDENTICAL TONAL RANGE for making release prints, I'd shoot P-X reversal all the time. Mark.

PS - A video image on TV cannot capture the beauty and range of projected P-X Reversal.

eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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