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RE: Eclair Cameras: Angie 16-44 and ACL matte box rod adaptor

Hey Ian

Apparently there's quite a few Russian/European filter ring adaptors available, also a few camera mechanics in the East who will make custom rings for prices they used to charge over here. I suggest you check on the Russian camera message board (also on topica) or the Kiev Report message board, which is the hub for the Russian medium format cameras and their Kiev and Carl Zeiss Jena lenses. They too have an incompatability issue between their Russian Exakta 66/Pentacon 6 copies and the originals, and have solved them using means that would suit our puspose fine.

BTW you may or may not know this, but the front element of the Kinor OPF rotates (i.e. it's not an internal focussing lens) and so that pretty much necessitates the use of a matte box that's rod supported for shots where one is, for instance, using a polarizer filter. So I've never had to use a filter ring on mine, I had the box instead.

Don't forget that I used a home-made15mm rod support system I made from housing construction aluminum parts from Home Depot for around $30. It hung off the top T handle so as not to get in the way of the handgrip. Also, doesn't look that great (I was more concerned about function than form at the time) but it works very well. Anybody wanting details should email me directly.


ianmarks@lycos.com wrote:

Hey Chris - Congratulations on the sale of your ACL! I seem to recall reading that the 16-44, in addition to being a fast lens, is one of the few lenses designed for regular-16 that also covers super-16 throughout its range - but I guess that's why you're asking about it in the first place. BTW, I recently obtained an "aspheric" wide-angle adapter like the one you had with your ACL (not the 10-100, just the attachment). A quick viewfinder check suggests that it will work fine with my Angenieux zooms - something like the Century "zoom through" adapters Century sells for ENG video cameras - BUT the attachment has a non-standard filter attachment size. It think it's something like 75mm, but since you actually had one I thought you might know for sure. If I could find an adapter to the Angenieux's 72mm, that would be great...


>Hello All
>Was wondering if any list members were familiar with the Angenieux 16-44 > >T1.3 zoom lens, and would care to comment on its optical quality vs, >let's say, a modern Zeiss 10-100/T2 lens.

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