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Re: Eclair Cameras: Angie 16-44

Hey Chris - Congratulations on the sale of your ACL! I seem to recall reading that the 16-44, in addition to being a fast lens, is one of the few lenses designed for regular-16 that also covers super-16 throughout its range - but I guess that's why you're asking about it in the first place. BTW, I recently obtained an "aspheric" wide-angle adapter like the one you had with your ACL (not the 10-100, just the attachment). A quick viewfinder check suggests that it will work fine with my Angenieux zooms - something like the Century "zoom through" adapters Century sells for ENG video cameras - BUT the attachment has a non-standard filter attachment size. It think it's something like 75mm, but since you actually had one I thought you might know for sure. If I could find an adapter to the Angenieux's 72mm, that would be great...


Hello All
Was wondering if any list members were familiar with the Angenieux 16-44 T1.3 zoom lens, and would care to comment on its optical quality vs, let's say, a modern Zeiss 10-100/T2 lens.

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