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Eclair Cameras: My ACL1 kit soon FS

Hello All

Moving on to S16, have found a great deal on another camera, and can't afford to keep both:

ACL1 English with factory T handle, simple (i.e. non-orientable) viewfinder, but with recent Optical Electro house service and 75fps (ACL2) motor, tested good. Also comes with home-made 15mmx60mm top fitted support rod setup (minus rods) and home-made front grip, which works better than the ACL2 grip, IMO.
1x400ft French mag, tested good.

2x200ft English mags, one tested good, one which still, inexplicably, fogs film intermittently. Have to get that one checked out, but have the contacts, etc to get that done.

Fitted metal case for all above.

Looking for at least $2000 on this setup with TS-to-CA1 adaptor, C to Olympus OM adaptor, C to Nikkor adaptor, but without lenses.

LENSES are all cosmetically good to excellent unless otherwise noted and optically all tested good:

* Kinor OPF-12-1 in CA-1 mount: this is the dead ringer (optically speaking) of the Zeiss 10-100 T2 lens. I just tested it against one. Excellent. Also has a .75 converter (i.e. takes the lens down to 7.5 to 75mm T2), various rear-mounted filters, zoom handle and crank, hood, wooden box and Russian instructions. LNIB, no scratches, pristine. Looking for $350+.

* Cooke 9mm T2 Kinetal in C mount: cosmetically good, optically excellent. $200+.

Canon TV-16 13mm f/1.5 in C mount with leather case

Canon TV-16 25-100 f/1.8 in C mount, barrel marked/engraved with some kind of dental office ID, but optically a great lens. $100OBO for the pair of Canons.

Kern Switar Rx 25/1.4 in C mount, cosmetically worn, optically great. $50 OBO

* Kilfitt Macro Kilar 40mm f/2 in C mount, cosmetically OK, optically excellent ($150+)

* Carl Zeiss Distagon 25mm/2.8 stills lens for Rollei SL35 with Rollei SL35 to C mount adaptor, caps and leather bag. Lens is pristine, adaptor is impossible to find. * Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.8 stills lens for Rollei SL35, clean in and out. (sold as a pair with adaptor for at least $350 due to rarity of adaptor and 25mm lens)

Cooke Telekinic 75mm f/4 in C mount. Tiny and sharp little so-and-so.

I'll take photos and send them to whoever asks. I'm in Los Angeles. List goes to ebay this time next week.


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