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Re: Eclair Cameras: gate 1:1

Can you make a hard matte to put in the filter slot?  It will be close to
the film and may give a sharp edge.  Test it.  You'll need a matte on the
focus screen, too, which should be matched to the matte in the filter slot.

Are you going to project a print?  Or go to telecine?  A hard matte can be
made in telecine or NLE or linear editor very easily.



I'm just about to shoot 3 short features in 35mm.

We look for an image at ratio 1:1, perfectly square,
included in an image at ratio 1:1.66 or 1:1.85 for the
We have troubles to resolve this desire.
We'd like to avoid the truca and master-interpo way.
How can we imagine to get a gate 1:1 for a  camera ?
Someone told me we could obtain this with a 535
camera, but did'nt give me more explanations.
I found some solutions on other cameras (aaton, pana,
movicam) but we won't have the right and left edges
perfectly sharp.
What can we imagine ?
Does a gate like this have been made once somewhere ?
How much will it cost to construct a gate 1:1 just how
we want it ?
Is it possible?
Who can I contact for that ?

sebastien koeppel

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