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Re: Eclair Cameras: question-angenieu 12-120 anamorphic

--- eric jarvies <eric@earthid.org> wrote:

also, in additon to having a wider film neg when
modifying your camera to s16, has anyone used an anamorphic attachment on-top of either of these lenses in their s16 form? if so, what are we looking at in terms of picture size/aspect ratio? and is it worth it?

Sorry no experience with anamorphic on s16, but I can
tell you that there is no point going down that route
with the Angineux as it vignettes at all but the
longest focal lengths on regular 16mm so would
presumably be even worse on s16...
I have used a 2:1 anamorphic lens on standard 16mm
(gives approximately 2.35:1 aspect ratio on
projection) sucessfully, but with using primes or
zooms designed for 35mm still work. As has been noted
earlier in the list however, these lenses are not as
suitable for cine use as dedicated lenses due to their
focal design and looser tolerances etc. If you want
widescreen with video being the final product, then
they are probably fine. However if you're thinking of
blow up to 35mm, s16 is probably the better option,
combined of course with a good cine lens. I have
recently acquired a Schneider Variogon 18-90mm which I
hope will yield good results (haven't given it a good
work out yet) - it certainly is a big piece of




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