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Re: Eclair Cameras: ACL 2nd Test - LENSES ( long)

Hi ALC lovers,

A lot of  discussion about still camera lenses the last days.
I have a long experience of using different  still camera lenses.
I have been using  Nikon, Canon, Zeiss Contax and Leica R from Leitz.
Most still camera lenses works fine for 16 mm movie cameras. Shorter focus
length than 35 mm is not as sharp as movie lenses special made for 16 mm.
The reason is that this lenses are retro focus constructions made for the
much lager 24x36 mm negative format.

Optical the difference between those lenses is not big, but mechanically the
difference is bigger. If you shall do a  focus shift, from 2 to 5 and back
to 2 meters, the Canon and Nikon will give you a jumping picture when you
stop at 5 meter and turn back the focus to 2 meter. The precision of the
focusing helical is not high enough. The Zeiss Contax and the Leitz Leica R
have a much higher mechanically precision. I like the Leica R lenses best.
Most of Leica R lenses is made in Canada by Leitz. The same factory is
making the glass for Panavisions Primo lenses. Leica R lenses can you find
used in nice condition for 500 to 700 USD. I fit the lenses with gear rings
from Les Bosher in Wales, U.K.

With the right adapter it´s possible to use all still camera lenses on an
ACL. Les Bosher can make them for you. www.lesbosher.co.uk

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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