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RE: Eclair Cameras: ACL 2nd Test - LENSES ( long)

Thank you, Chris, for your *very* informative comments regarding your camera and your lens tests. This is just the kind of thing I was hoping to find on the board (actually, it's better than I had hoped).
My BIG QUESTION: how did you mate the Russian Zoom with your ACL?

I take it that, in general, you found that 35mm stills lenses compared favorably with your zooms - good news for those us who have already made an investment in stills lenses. I too have just picked up a bunch of C-mount adapters (Nikon, Pentax K, and Olympus) but have yet to run a test with them. I wonder if you're familiar with the Tamron Adaptall line of lenses. These lenses have an interchangeable mount system to make them adaptable to most makes of 35mm still cameras. They also make a C-mount to Adaptall unit that eliminates the need to have a stills mount at all. Needless to say, these fit only Tamron's own line of lenses (which in my experience have been very good). I just received mine in the mail today, and seems much more robust and well finished than the other adapters, and it locks very securely into the lens unit. The diaphram in the Adaptall lenses remains stopped down by default, which is helpful, as do the Nikons. I hope to shoot a test with it in the next two or three weeks.
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