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Eclair Cameras: Light Meter Issues

Greetings everyone,

In the days I used to work as a photojournalist I always used to carry a piece of Kodak
gray card with me, to double check once and a while.  But I found the easiest of all
aiming my spotmeter or camera on my hand in the lighting condition my subject is and
stop down 1 stop.  From experience my hand being about 1 stop brighter then a neutral
grey card, which is very common to Caucasian people.
Also quite a few documentary people I have met have a light meter attached via a
selfmade accessory to their camera.  Makes instant double checking easy with the left

Just my two eurocents.


Would taking a reading of an 18 percent grey card be a better > > comparison
> than a bright wall? Emmanuel SUYS
Kamera-Assistent, Focus Puller, Assistant Camera
35mm - 16mm
Français, Nederlands, English, Deutsch
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European based, Munich

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