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Eclair Cameras: Eclair ACL Items and Accessories for Sale

Hi all,

Been away for a long while as I've taken a bash at the DV market.
Not for me, I'm afraid. So for a while I've returned to movie equipment and will be selling a lot more equipment and then the web site at the end of the year before moving on to pastures new.
So meanwhile, I have a lot of ACL items which will go on auction on Ebay tomorrow. Thought I'd let you know what some of them are and what the reserves are going to be. If anyone wants to purchase them before they go on sale, please try to let me know before I list them. Otherwise - as I have done business with so many of you here, I would be happy to cancel any auction for any item that takes your fancy.

Anyway, apologies for the overt descriptions but I thought I'd supply the text I will be adding to my pages to answer some of the questions you may have if you are interested:


Angenieux Self Levelling Vewfinder for Éclair ACL and NPR

This viewfinder was originally fitted to an Éclair ACL and will rotate a full 360 degrees on it’s axis, the image horizon remaining horizontal throughout.
The right angle portion of the viewfinder can also be twisted left and right allowing viewing of the camera image at almost any angle.
All optics are in mint condition and the cosmetic condition is superb throughout.
The mounting bracket is also supplied for the Éclair ACL and will fit to any version of the ACL, simply by removing the two screws on your existing bracket.
Worth bidding on as - you all well know - these types of viewfinders are extremely rare.
Serial number 143907.

ACL power input convertor

This hard wired lead will convert input from the 4 pin Jaeger to 4 pin Canon / XLR.
The convertor lead plugs into the existing female socket fitted to the input of the Éclair ACL and will allow 4 pin Canon / XLR standard cables and batteries to be plugged in directly.

Éclair ACL Bayonet Mount Adaptor

This mount screws directly onto the outer ring on the Éclair ACL front (TS) to allow Arri bayonet mounted lenses to be fitted to the camera.
The mount is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly checked with various bayonet zooms and primes in the ACL.
This is a rare item, as very few of these convertors still remain.


Taylor Hobson Cooke 9 – 50mm Zoom for 16mm Movie Cameras.

This fantastic and rare zoom lens has been kept in superb working and optical order by the cinematographer that previously owned it. Serial number is 78475.
A classic zoom, renowned for it’s pin sharp images, fantastic colour and contrast reproduction, this is one of the most sought after lenses on the movie lens market.
Fitted with a stainless steel bayonet mount, the lens opens up to T2.5 and remains perfectly sharp across it’s 9mm to 50mm range. The optics, internal and external are in immaculate condition. With no surface abrasion scratches or trapped dust. It has been recently collimated and tested – with stunning results.



Side Power Switch Module for Éclair ACL

This is a modular attachment designed for the Éclair ACL. When fitted to the 9 pin connector mounted on the side of the Éclair ACL, it will allow the attachment of a side handle as well as supplying an additional toggle power switch.
Red and Green indicator running lights are fitted to the module as well as a two pin power connector to allow a full sized wooden handgrip (as fitted to the Aaton) to be used.
The module is supplied with the two retaining bolts which screw into the mounting holes on the side of the ACL.
A very useful and rare accessory.

Éclair ACL Top Handle with Matte Box Hotshoe

This Éclair ACL top handle has been fitted with a 21mm slotted hotshoe to accept Arriflex matte boxes (particularly the matte box manufactured for the Arriflex ST).
This allows the user to fit commonly available Arriflex bellows matte boxes onto the Éclair ACL.
The handle bolts directly onto the top of the ACL via two locating pins and a center bolt (supplied). The handle is in excellent condition.

Éclair ACL Jaeger to 4 Pin Canon XLR Power Lead

This coiled power lead will stretch to approximately ten feet. It allows the Éclair ACL Jaeger power input to be fed with the more popular Canon XLR type 12 volt batteries or any 12volt battery terminated in a Canon / XLR male plug.

Éclair ACL 200ft Magazine and Aluminium Flight Case

Superb condition with cores and a purpose built aluminium flight case.

Digital pictures will be available of each item by tomorrow and I will send them as attachments to anyone who is interested in seeing them.

By the way, I also have:
A full Eclair ACL 1 kit
Side Handle
Arriflex Matte Box
Jaeger connectors

Details of which I can forward. Please e-mail me at rob@movie-house.com or call me on (011 44) 208 245 2904.

Hope everyone is doing well. Spoken and corresponded with a few of you recently, but haven't been here in quite a while.
Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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