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Eclair Cameras: ACL Digital Footage Counter

Hello All,

I have been working on enhancements for my new Tobin ACL motor.  I have
designed and built a digital footage counter that will bolt up over the
existing belt cover.  The electronics are Clives design, also used in his
frame controller, while the housing is my design.  It is CNC machined out of
solid aluminum. I am currently working on two ways of making the motor run
quieter. A new solid aluminum motor housing or a sound proofed existing
motor housing.  Any advice on quieting the motor would be most helpful.  By
the way I am selling the Digital Counters for $150 each.  I only have 4 of
them from this batch to offer for sale.  I never wanted to be in the parts
business but with the ACL if you want it you have to build it and as Mark
found out before me the only affordable way is make up a batch!


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