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Re: normal 16mm format

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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On Sun, 27 May 2001 19:17:13 EDT, Eclair ACL Discussion and Support wrote:
here's a question... for you ACler's that actually use them for jobs...
 what are your favorite zoom lenses?

I use Nikon mount primes only, although a 10-100 Zeiss would be nice.
 do you actually take them out on paying gigs...
Has anyone had their Acl video tapped? if so (who what where how much , is it worth it?)

Try AZ Spectrum, they do a tap for the ACL. http://hometown.aol.com/azspectrum/acl_vid.html

I have a beauty of an ACL II but have had bugs (jams) always when I'm on a job...I attribute it to
 pilot error when I was new with the cam...and some
 extreme vertical shoting angles letting the film in the mag
 get loose.

Never had a scratch or a jam with my camera. Do you have it serviced
  I have only used the camera for my own
 projects....for primes I use my macroswitars,
 from my bolex package...some of these are amazing
 lenses..the 26mm 1.1, the 50 , 75 and the 10 are all
 beautiful....and screw right into the c mount.

The Switars are sweet. I have a 10, 16, 25, 75, and 16-100 Vario-Switar for
my Bolex. But the RX lenses have some issues with other cameras. Check out
the ACL List archives for more.
 I am thinking of parting with my package though...
 it's either the bolex or the ecalir that must go...
 I just can't decide which....

Keep 'em both. Each has it's strong points.

here's another interesting observation,...
 Acl's have been know to be tempermental..
 but I have compared the camera to the aaton Minima..

I call my camera the "poor man"s Aminima". With a 17mm Nikon lens,
200'mag/film, and handgrip it tips the scales at about 8.5 lbs! Not bad for
a camera that cost a tenth of an Aminima.
 when I did this on a cinematography board I was attacked
 and poo pooed....of course the minima has serveral features the
 ACL doesn't have...it's an aaton..s 16 internal TC....video tap...
 many features,, but it's like a suped up acl 30 years later...
 and it goes for about 20K without a lens.

Good point!
The Aminima is a cool camera, but I don't know how successful it will be.
Anybody remember the GSMO? Another great camera that never caught on. I'm
not sure what market Aaton is going for. Indies? Film schools? Commercial
houses? They need to cut the price about 50%. And it looks like a pain to
 Several Dp friends of mine have been testing it for the past 2 years
and have had problems....so there we go another tempermantal little camera.
The upshot to the Aminima is the special 200' loads being sold for it should
be compatible with a 200' ACL mag. More to come, I'm testing a roll

Makes me reconsider, thinking of upgrading the ACL (PL mount- S-16 gate, better zoom)...or perhaps I will part with
 though I love it...don't use it enough....

Keep your ACL. Depending on what you paid for it, you might be heartbroken
to find what ACL's or any older 16mm camera is going for these days.

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