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Re: A-minima, and R vrs S-16

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I would guess that the A-minima is probably meant to keep folks that are currently doing higher budget TV-type work in Super-16 from switching to video (because there are prototype HDTV cameras that are as about small as camcorders; they were used in making the movie "TIMECODE" --- the A-minima would theoretically take away that size advantage). I don't think that the A-minima is intended for low-budget filmmakers who are torn between whether to spend $3,000 vrs $5,000 on their 30 year-old equipment purchase. I'm certain that it is aimed squarely at keeping Super-16 alive in the high end as a "B" camera for hand-held use; In effect, it protects the $50,000 Aaton for a while.

I've blown up to 35mm from Regular-16 and from Super-16. There is absolutely no comparison. It isn't merely a matter of "a little more shapness." It is the difference between something that looks excellent versus something that looks inferior. The extra 46% image area makes all the difference in the world. It will be equally important in HDTV.

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