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Re: Very Nice!

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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From: "Julian Williamson" <julian3rd@earthlink.net>
Reply-To: "Eclair ACL Discussion and Support"

I have not used the Nikon glass on an ACL, primarily because 35mm glass,
designed to cover a larger image circle, does not go as "wide" as glass
designed for 16mm...  I shoot with lenses as wide as 5.7mm...

Yeah... I have a Switar 10mm that I love to shoot with. I would love a 5.7mm. As an aside, how does a 10mm Switar + a Wiko .42X Wide angle adapter compare to an Ang. or Kinoptic equivalent? Is it even in the same ballpark?

Anyway, I figured that if a Nikon zoom had better optics than many of the older Angies, it would be good to have a medium-range (35-80mm) Nikkor in my camera bag.

Chris, to answer your questions, the back-focus issue is taken care of by the mount adapter (Nikon -> C Mount) because C-mount has a much deeper flange distance. I would guess that the smaller Nikkors with the adapter would certainly not be heavier than an Angie 12-120 or 15-150.

But has anyone tested a newer generation Nikkor against an Angie 12-120 or a Zeiss 10-100?

Marc S.

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