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Nikon lenses and such

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I've seen Zeiss 10-100's for under $1k at ebay.
Occasionally you find them pulled out of the blimp
housing on Arri BL's which makes for a very clean lens
I'm personally a big fan of Nikon mount lenses.  They
are sharp and cheap. Another advantage is that Nikon
mount lenses cover Super 16. If you are serious about
using them, get a proper Nikon-ACL mount. If you can't
find one to buy (they are rare) then have your CA-1
mount converted to Nikon. Les Bosher in England will
fabricate one for you from scratch and it's not too
They don't go very wide, although you can find the
Russian Peleng 8mm for around $200, but it's slow at
F3.5. I use a Tokina 17mm primarily and I love it. But
where the Nikons shine is in longer focal lengths. Try
a 200 or 300mm lens, it would be great for nature
photography. They also except standard off the shelf
photo filters. I'm also a fan of c-mount TV lenses,
they are wide and from my experience sharp. I own a
Fujinon 12.5 that is great (got it for $60 new on
ebay!). But you can also get them in 8mm focal lengths
as well. Just be sure to get a lens for 2/3" ccd's or
Also check the archives as their has been some debate
before on the pros and cons of Nikon and TV lenses.
Glad to see things pick up around here. Thanks to
everyone for your supportive messages, both on and off
List. The ACL List was never in jeopardy of closing
down, I just wanted to make sure everyone was still
awake out there.
Good luck and happy shooting,
Ray the List Mum

--- Marc Syp <mpsyp@hotmail.com> wrote:

How much does a Zeiss 10-100 T3.1 go for?

Also, does modern Nikon glass blow the old Angenieux
lenses out of the water? A C-mount to Nikon adapter is relatively cheap and I would certainly consider buying a new Nikon lens for use on both my Nikon FA and my first Eclair ACL, which I should be receiving within the
next few weeks.

P.S.  I was really happy to find this discussion
forum, please don't shut it down! :)

Marc S.

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