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ACL Motor Preliminary Page

To any interested parties:
The tentative catalog page for the TXM-25A crystal motor is found, oddly enough, in the Catalog section of my website at http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page8.html . :-)

I have been buried lately with repairs and other problems. When estimating the amount of time until this motor was available, I seem to have forgotten about the 25 years' worth of motors that we have made, that people are continually destroying and need to get fixed instantly. Also the normal production chores, website maintenance, Arri S torque motor conversions, etc. (This is a small outfit.)

Someone expressed concern over the noise level of our TXM-21C motor for the CM3 (now discontinued.) This was made for a noisy camera, so no effort was expended to make a quiet motor. The one for the ACL will be a lot quieter.

When I have actual working motors available you will be the first to know! All the parts are now on hand and just need putting together. Thanks and sorry about the wait.
Clive Tobin

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