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Re: First post

Many many thanks for your advice Ray, I will try that.

Thanx again

R T wrote:

Hi Salvador,
You should go to
and click on the link for ACL techs. There is a tech
in France and there's Les Bosher in England, he comes
highly recommended. I don't know of any in Spain. If
you come across one let the List know about it.
Finding an orientable finder is tough. People tend to
hang on to those as they do the HD motors. If your
camera has an interchangeable bayonet mount for the
viewfinder, the Cinema Products orientable finder will
work. Whitehouse AV sells them (www.whitehouseav.com)
but they are expensive.
If no one on the List can help you with the core plate
you might try a trick I used when I needed one. I
placed a "reverse" auction on ebay, that is I put up
essentially a want ad for what I was looking for and I
had about half a dozen replies from people with a
spare plate. I picked one up for $15. Give it a try it
might work.
Hope this helps,

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