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Does anyone else do it this way?

Hello all. I'm a recent member of the group, and have
found much of the info so far to be interesting, and
sometimes useful to me too.

I'm just going to raise a couple of points:

Batteries - I use a small lead-acid 'gel cell' as used
as alarm power failure back-ups, and have found it to
work excellently with both 200' and 400' loads. It's
small enough to fit in one of those compact camera
pouches which fit easily on your belt (so carrying it
is hardly noticeable), and since it'd lead-acid, it's
quite happy to be used/charged repeatedly without
being completely discharged each time. If you use a
car to get about between locations, you can charge it
up from the car's cigarette lighter on the move. I
don't use the NiCad anymore.

Also, rather than convert to super16, I use a 2:1
anamorphic lens in front of a 28-135 zoom (for 35mm
still camera, Ang zoom vignettes at everything below
60mm or so) on a Nikon adapter. This gives either a
nice 2:35 projected image through a standard 16mm
projector (with 2:1 anamorphic attachment too, of
course), or a simple optical blow-up to 35mm which can
then be projected through the usual 35mm/cinemascope
projector. Cheapest widescreen there is, I think.

Above info may be helpful to someone, I hope.

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