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DIY core plates (followup for gryanme)

Here is the original posting by Mark on how to make a core plate from a metal daylight spool and a core adaptor:

"You can make a 200' flange by ripping apart a 200' 16mm daylight spool and using one side as the flange, and then screw in a 16mm core adapter (the kind found in editing rooms --- or a machine shop could make one easily. Also these aluminum core adapters are probably still available in the US from either CHRISTY'S EDITORIAL SUPPLY, or EDITORIAL EQUIPMENT PARTS --- both in Burbank, California). Mark."

I used an ARRI core adaptor (like you find in Arri M and S 400' mags) because I had one lying around. It worked very well. You could also use a Bolex adaptor as well. Chambless (706-636-5210) sells them for around $50. You might be able to get away with just a core adaptor and not bother with a core plate. 200' loads aren't very big and probably wouldn't rub inside a mag. $150 seems a little high for a core plate. You can buy whole 200' mags on ebay for $150. Kodak might do custom loading for you but you would have to order alot of stock. Studio Film and Tape offered to spool there short ends into any length I wanted. Some labs will do it for a fee. I used to spool my own stuff if a stock wasn't available in 200' loads. Very easily accomplished in a clean dark room with a pair of rewinds, a 200' daylight spool, and a split reel. Watch out spooling down B&W though. It builds up alot of static electricity.

gryanme@aol.com wrote:

I am new to this group but I am intersted in using these 200 ft loads for my ACL. Can anyone forward me the post on how to adapt the Arri or Bolex core adapters for my ACL. Also, do I need this because I already have 1 core spool? that I am using with my double perf 200 ft loads. (Not the daylight medal spool) but the other one. Consequently, I only have one and I currently have two spools so another is needed and I have been told that they cost around 150 dollars... Is this the same thing? Also, why doesn't Kodak make the 800 speed for the minima? If filming the old way - before Minima, how does one cut down to 200 ft from 400ft. Can it be done by the Lab or Kodak for a small fee? Thanks for your advise...

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