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Re: magazine light seal

Hi Ray --- Two notes: I may be wrong, but I think that the seals Robert spoke of are the ones around the lip of the door of the Aaton mag. If so, they wouldn't be the ones you want. But double check. (PS - Robert has some nice ACL parts that he's selling off at a good price ... I picked up some stuff).

I don't think that you would want to use an actual O-ring (unless it were an absolute perfect fit --- which is unlikely. Eclair made this rubber part as a rectangle, and it would seat perfectly in place). I suggest just using a straight length that you can cut to size with a razor, with the two ends touching snugly where they meet up. I wouldn't use Super-Glue, though. You'd probably damage the chrome. Probably a tube of that yellowish contact cement is best. I made the mistake of trying to put the cement into the groove of the plate and then lay in the rubber. It was a mess. If I were to try it again, I'd brush a tiny amount onto a small area of the rubber, set the rubber in place, let that dry, then brush on a tiny bit more, and gradually glue in the length of rubber slowly and methodically. I'll bet an electronics store with a long rubber belt of the correct diameter would be a good starting place --- just snip it into a straight length. Hope some of this is helpful. Anyone else have any experience in replacing the rubber???

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