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RE: magazine light seal-SUCCESS!

Well I got one of those suckers on. It took me about six O-rings to get it to seat right but it works. The superglue worked to keep the O-ring in place in the corners. I used a gel superglue to minimize spreading and used the tiniest pin drop. You don't need much. Get it started in two corners on one end, work your way to the other end. This is where it gets tricky. The O-ring at this point is pretty tight and doesn't want to go on the last two corners without a fight, put a drop of superglue in each corner (use it sparingly, the crap gets everywhere if you aren't careful--not a good thing), then slip it into the corners as good as you can. It isn't easy but it can be done. I found the hardest part was getting the O-ring to seat consistently around the groove. It tends to bulge in the corner areas, which can cause your mag not seat properly. I had try and retry to get it right. Hence the six O-rings (the superglue trashes the O-ring, so it's one O-ring per try). I don't consider this an ideal solution but it will work in a pinch. My seal was completely dried out and flaking. So I had to fix it one way or another. If you are feeling adventurous and your mag needs it, give it a try. Just buy plenty of O-rings! The size I used was 1 1/2"OD x 1 5/16"ID x 3/32"thick. I have another mag where the seal isn't looking so hot, so I'll keep looking for a better solution. Mark's suggestion of finding a straight section and meticulously gluing it into the groove sounds like a good idea. The Aaton mag seal might be a good fit. Send me an email if you have any questions on what I described above.

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