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Eclair ACL ACL Selling Price Question.

   Hi all, I'm somewhat of a silent watcher of the group but I have a
question that I'm sure some of the owners and future owners can help me out
with.  I recently tried to sell my ACL on ebay but there were no bids on it.
I would like to know what everyone in this group thinks it is worth so I can
see how far off I was.  Any estimations on what you think the following
package is worth would be greatly appreciated.  Some of you may have seen it
up for auction so your feedback is welcome also.  Thanks.

Here's the package:

The ACL itself
The motor is a high torque motor driven by a Tobin Crystal curcuit board.
(the motor is ugly, big, but functions perfectly).  You can still shoot
using the button on the front of the camera.
A TCS video frame controller that you can connect to the motor to shoot at
23.976 fps.
Angenieux 10-120 C-Mount lens
Brand new gel cel battery in a case
Norwood Director Light Meter
400ft French magazine
200ft English mag
About 300ft of the Vision 250D Kodak film
The handle that holds two filters in it's base
Three different types of filters No. 85N3, 96, and 85.
2 200ft. core adapters, and 2 400ft. core adapters
Large film chaging bag
Foam lined case

One of the querks is the battery can be overcharged and ruin the Tobin
circuit board, easily fixed with a different battery or a voltage regulator
on the battery.


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