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Eclair ACL Pre-purchase questions

Yikes!  Things have slowed down around here!

I have a question regarding the process of purchasing any ACL and ending up with a super 16 with all the bells and whistles.

First off, does it really matter if you buy an ACL, ACL1.5 or an ACLII? I mean, other than a few differences between the English and French bodies and motors, can you buy a stock ACL and end up in the same place as if you had bought an ACLII.

If such a path is viable, how much is the average cost to upgrade from 1 to 2, versus the cost of an ACLII?

Are items such as the handle and better multi-speed motors still being made, or at least readily available? I've seen the references to Tobin's motor, and I've seen a variety of video taps, custom battery connectors, digital speed controllers, matte boxes, rails, etc. But are the core pieces still available.

If these pieces are available, how much do they cost?

Finally, how much do you guys have into your cameras by the time they're fully stocked with accessories?

I'm sure I'll have follow-ups as answers come in.

Thanks for the input!



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