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Re: Eclair ACL getting my camera

That is a staggeringly extortionate price!!!  I could sell you a similar kit
for half that!!!
That 10-100 Zeiss will have to be converted too if you want to use it for
S16.  Also, is that a converted Du-All motor?  I had an engineer friend test
one of those things and it broke down within two days of use.  I've also
heard bad things about after service sales with those people and it's pretty
grim.  Good luck though.



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From: "Arman Matin" <arman@rhinofx.com>
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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 11:39 PM
Subject: Eclair ACL getting my camera

hi everyone....

I am considering a purchase of an ACL II from Du-all, nyc.
It is going to be cnoverted to s16 by DU-all. Includes a speed control (
1 frame
increment) , 2 X 400 and 1X200 mags. Zeis 10-100 T3 lens, charger,
battery, etc.  Current asking price is around 9500. Any advice of
will be very helpful.

arman : matin

cg director : artist
rhinoceros vfx : nyc


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