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RE: Eclair ACL getting my camera

Hi Arman,

Welcome to the List. Here's my two cents.

$9500 is too high, even for an S16 converted ACL II with all the bells and whistles.

I agree with Robert that the Zeiss 10-100 will have to be S16 converted as well (I've heard that DuAll does a conversion on this lens so maybe it's included, you should check). A T3 Zeiss isn't anything to write home about, a very average lens at best. If it were a T2 Zeiss then I could see some justification in DuAll's price. The T2 (MkII) is a pretty spendy piece of glass.

As much as I love the ACL, $9500 is way too much to pay for any ACL. You can get into a nice Aaton LTR or a Arri SR 1 for that price. Both cameras are gonna have better support down the road.

You should definitely contact Robert at the Movie House before you buy. I can vouch for him, he sells nice stuff and his prices are very reasonable. He's a real nice guy as well.

I bought my first ACL from DuAll and I don't have the best things to say about them. My sentiments pretty much reflect what Robert said in his posting. I prefer to keep my comments off the List as I've learned my lesson about slandering people in a public forum. If you want the straight poop on DuAll, drop me a line and I'll fill you in.

Keep this in mind, I routinely see ACL 1.5's and 2's on ebay for around $2000 - $3000. An overhaul and S16 upgrade will set you back about $1500-2000. That should give you a good idea of what you need to spend. If Robert can't fix you up, I know of a couple of other dealers selling ACL II's at much lower prices than $9500. I can also point you to a couple of good tech's that can do the Super16 upgrade and camera overhaul for you. -Ray the List Mum
Arman Matin wrote:
hi everyone....

I am considering a purchase of an ACL II from Du-all, nyc.
It is going to be cnoverted to s16 by DU-all. Includes a speed control (
1 frame
increment) , 2 X 400 and 1X200 mags. Zeis 10-100 T3 lens, charger,
battery, etc.  Current asking price is around 9500. Any advice of
will be very helpful.

arman : matin

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