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Eclair ACL TXM-25A ACL Crystal Motor

This e-mail was sent today to people who have expressed an interest*:

We are finishing off the first batch of our new TXM-25A crystal motor
for the Eclair ACL.

This is a new concept, with the motor in the new base, and the camera
driven by a 2.5:1 reduction timing belt. The motor is quiet but not as
quiet as the original motor. However it is plenty powerful, has a number
of built-in speeds, accepts the Milliframe and Videoframe Controllers,
has no perceptible flicker as judged with a stroboscope, and stops in
the viewing position. I am sorry I don't have a db noise level
measurement but my Radio Shack level meter only goes down to 60 or 70

The catalog page is posted on the website at:
http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page8.html . There you can also click
on the instructions (without pictures). If you like we can mail you a
copy of the complete instructions.

The motor works well. Unfortunately, the person who loaned me his ACL
camera for development purposes is out of town and will not be able to
field test the motor until late November. Therefore you brave and
desperate souls can be the very first to use the motor.

The TXM-25A motors will have our usual warranty. Installation is
difficult and I think we had best require that your camera be sent to us
for attaching it, which is done without charge, you just pay for
shipping and insurance. If you like you can remove the existing motor
and base (and of course the lens) before sending it in. The price is
$1350 and we take Visa, MC and Amex.

The complete installation involves our filling the mounting clearance
slots with black silicone rubber for soundproofing. After this, removing
of the new motor becomes very problematic, and it should be considered
to be a permanent installation.

Clive Tobin
Tobin Cinema Systems

*Some of them had the e-mail bounce back as undeliverable, so if you didn't get the e-mail don't feel insulted:

tiki@macol.net not known
unknown or illegal alias: dmbro@swbell.net
<prolog3@netreach.net>... User unknown
This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (cam_bot@yahoo.com) Clive Tobin

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