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Eclair ACL October "Heads Up"

Hi fellow Listnauts,

This is the last regular "Heads Up" that I'll be sending out. Yeah, I know you are all heartbroken. If something important comes up regarding the List I'll let you all know. But going forward I prefer to blend in and just contribute my two cents when I'm feeling frisky. Well onto some ACL news. The good news as you may or may not know, is the arrival of the Tobin ACL motor. If you need a better motor for pullin' those 400's, this should fit the bill. Go to www.tobincinemasystems.com and check it out.

I am happy to announce that I'm teaming up with Les Bosher to import Stateside some of his cool ACL specific items. Les builds a nifty 4x4 matte box with mini rods that won't put you in the poor house. Les builds a variety of lens mounts for the ACL as well. I'm buying a PL mount myself. He is also working on an inexpensive follow focus unit and handgrips that mount to the rods for better handholdability. If you want a complete list with prices email either Les or myself (cinesota@yahoo.com). You can pay me in US funds and I ship from here in the US, saving you international shipping costs. I suggest everyone visit Les' website (www.lesbosher.co.uk) and check out his PL conversion of a Bolex. It's gotta be seen to be believed.

Les is also engineering some cine-style gear for the Canon XL-1, if that's your cup of tea.

Now the really boring stuff.

I opened up the subscription process. I don't have to approve subscriptions any longer. I mainly did this because I wasn't getting notified by Topica when someone was in the que waiting to sign up. Too many times I would be doing some List maintenance when I would notice a new subscriber waiting to get in. I had no idea how long they might have been waiting. If you were one of these unfortunate souls, my apologies if you had to wait. This should fix the problem.

In order to encourage new subscribers, I have restricted the archives to viewing by ACL List members only. If you want to view past posts, you will have to log in at Topica. If you are having any problems let me know and I might be able to help. This is an experiment so we will see how it goes. I recommend setting your prefs to digest mode and saving the daily digests.

Lastly, make sure that your email address is working correctly. Topica shuts off anyone who's email bounces for a period of time. I have to go in and manually turn you back on. If your email keeps getting bounced back, I will have no choice but to delete you. I will try to get ahold of you before I do this.

That's about it.

This is your fearless List Mum signing off.
Take care all,

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