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Re: Eclair ACL gitzo tripod

The head is the most important part.  You keep mentioning tripods, which is
by definition, the legs of the system. The fluid head is the most crucial
element.  If it's too light duty, it will create sloppy moves and you'll
constantly be fighting the head.  It will break at some point too.  If it's
too heavy, you'll be forced to use the lowest drag settings, which will
limit the feel of the head, causing you to fight the head.

Weigh your camera (with battery, lens and a full magazine) AND the head.  If
it comes out close to your legs' maximum, you're a little too heavy.  In
other words, don't put 30 lbs of weight on legs which a max of 33 lbs.

Gitzo uses a 3/8" spud as a tiedown.  You simply screw the head on to the
tripod, which is fine (I have Bolex legs with the same system), but if you
want to use your camera on a dolly, you may have to find a way to adapt the
system.  Dollies typically have a 100mm ball or a Mitchell mount.  You'll
likely have to build your own hi hat too, which I did, which again isn't a
big deal.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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I have found a gitzo carbon fiber tripod for sale g1549. Would this be
o k for an ACL? How does carbon fiber compare in terms of vibration is
concerned?? It has a load capacity of 33lbs. How would this compare to a
schatler. Thanks to all for the previous help. I am just getting started
so I have some pretty basic questions for you all. Thanks again!!

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