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RE: Eclair ACL gitzo tripod

Gitzo makes a nice set of legs. They are very popular with TV cameramen and the ones I have used were very sturdy and versatile.

In fact I prefer Gitzo legs over Bogen legs due to the fact that you don't need a spreader with the Gitzo units. Gitzo makes a range of tripod legs. The 1500 series should be okay for cine use. If it's rated at 33lbs it should be fine for use with the ACL. Fully loaded an ACL tips the scales under 20lbs.

The Bogen 3066 Cine-Video head is a good heavy duty head but the action isn't the best. Bogen now builds a very nice series of fluid heads, the 5XX series, with the 510 head being the top of the line. It is an ENG head that is very well made with good fluid action. They build an HD model that will accomodate cine-cams. I suggest getting the strongest setup you can find, particularily in the legs, because you may need to use a heavier camera in a pinch or you may want to use a jib arm.

The ideal combo is the Bogen 510 head combined with heavy duty Gitzo legs. I've used this setup before and I loved it.
Hope this helps.

jason  davis wrote:
I have found a gitzo carbon fiber tripod for sale g1549. Would this be o k for an ACL? How does carbon fiber compare in terms of vibration is concerned?? It has a load capacity of 33lbs. How would this compare to a schatler. Thanks to all for the previous help. I am just getting started
so I have some pretty basic questions for you all. Thanks again!!

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