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Eclair ACL ACL Questions

Hello everyone -

I've been reading through the list archives and see that this is an excellent resource for ACL owners - thanks!

I recently indulged myself and picked up a used ACL II. I'm planning on converting to Super 16 and I've got a few questions for you knowledgable folks.

1) What is the minimum width of the rear element of a c-mount lens for it to still cover Super 16. Can something like a C to Nikon converter still cover Super 16?

2) Has anyone figured out if the external sync socket can be used or modified to use things like Clive Tobin's milliframe controller. I've seen AZ Spectrum's site and their fisher conversion, but I'm wondering if this is necessary. Mr. Tobin responded to an email I sent him about this and replied -

"Sorry, I have no information on what connector it uses, the pin connections, or the required signals.

If you could send an instruction or service manual copy that contains this information, I might be able to figure it out."

Anyone has this information or know where it could be found? This is all concerning the heavy duty ACL II motor with the external control socket.

I'm sure I'll think up some more questions later...

Thanks for the help.

Joshua Tunick

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