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Re: Eclair ACL ACL Questions

1. I don't think that you can determine S-16 coverage by measuring the diameter of the rear element. As a basic rule of thumb, I've found that any standard 16mm prime lens 25mm or more will cover easily. Most shorter lenses will seriously vignette, though some do just barely manage to cover: Switar 10mm C-mount, Zeiss Standard- mount 16mm (even the Angeneux 15mm) --- however to escape a tiny vignetting in a corner, your lens flange must be centered to such a degree of perfection that it exceeds even super-16 specs: ie-it must be perfect + or - 0.00000. Even a properly installed S-16 ACL flange may need a slight tweek to get it to that point.

Very few R-16 zooms will cover below 25mm. The 17-68 Angeneux seems to just squeek by --- but it is a TV lens at best. The old Zeiss 6:1 is the only quality R-16 zoom I've found that appears to just barely squeeks by.

My "high quality, high economy" kit consists of--- Zeiss Standards: 85mm, 50mm, 25mm, 16mm (and need a 32)
           Zeiss B-mount S-16: 12mm
           Switar: 10mm
           Older model Zeiss 6:1 zoom 12-72mm

I had my shop make me special barrells that fit over the old Zeiss standards to give a much wider (69mm) focus barrell, and to allow the lens to focus from the front like an SLR lens.

2. The external sync jack on the ACL II base seems to be a Lemo 6-pin (3 on each half moon side). I have no idea what the pin configuration is, and haven't yet found anyone who has this info. I eventually installed a 23.976 crystal into the 25fps slot in my motor's circuit board in order to film off TV screens (Clive Tobin will sell you the crystal for $10; the soldering takes 5 minutes). It would be good to know what the electronics of the ACL connector is --- someone out there must know. Either that, or maybe Jean Pierre B at Aaton would know ... he apparently designed it.

3. There's a ton of S-16 ACL info at my site:  www.members.aol.com/Super16ACL


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