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Eclair ACL 35mm Fisheyes

I tried the Peleng 8mm lens for Super 16mm. No good. The angle of view is cut down significantly when using 35mm SLR lenses on 16mm cameras. A 35mm stills frame is about 8 times larger than a 16mm movie frame. This means that you're only seeing a portion of the coverage you would see through an SLR viewfinder mounted with the same lens. The 8mm Peleng will look more like a 20mm lens, when viewed through your movie camera. Still camera lenses work best when you're aiming for long focal lengths rather than shorter, that's why they're so popular with wildlife film-makers.

Somebody mentioned video camera lenses that cover Super 16mm. I tried this too and the result was horrendous. I compared a Century lens on a CCD with an old Cooke Kinetal, and the Kinetal gave a sharper image on the CCD pickup than the Century was capable of. But Century make some wide, cost effective lenses at least.

There is another possible route for cheap, excellent Super 16mm primes. There used to be a lens mounted 110 SLR camera manufactured in the 1980s. You can still find them on Ebay, but I can't remember the manufacturer (I'll dig it out if anyone's interested). The lenses were fairly wide and would cover the 16mm frame adequately without a severe reduction of viewing angle that 35mm SLR lenses would. You could pick up a great 12mm for about $25 this way, but you'd have to remount it. Chances are they may not have irises either (the metering was probably determined by shutter speed only), but again, it's plausible to remove video lens irises and rehouse them with the 110 SLR lenses. I know it works, because somebody tried it here a few years ago and uses them as primes for his ACL.



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