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RE: New Crystal Motor for the Eclair ACL

I'm in agreement with the others. An input for external speed control would be useful. I don't agree with adding additional built in speeds though. I assume adding these additional speeds (23.97 & 29.97) would add substantially to the cost and could be easily achieved by using Tobin's fine Videoframe controller. Personally I use 24fps 90% of the time. Otherwise I think the motor hits all the right notes. Adding a connector for an external start/stop function ala the Aaton handgrip would be nice as well. I only ask because I bought an Aaton handgrip cheap a while back and I'm dying to use it.
Lastly I would mount the run switch at the top, towards the front.

Is it an either/or situation with the regard to retaining the embase? Couldn't the embase just be left on for tripod mounting and bypassed otherwise?

For what it's worth Les Bosher is working on a base plate for his mattebox system. He is also developing an onboard battery setup that mounts to the base plate and allows useage of Aaton style batteries. I'm sure he could be pursuaded to design something that would replace the embase and incorporate his mattebox mount and onboard battery setup into one unit. If he catches this thread maybe he will weigh in with his thoughts.

Speaking of Les, he indicated to me he could do a super 16 modification of the Zeiss 10-100 for the ballpark figure of £1000 ($1424 USD). That's not cheap, but it's less than Century Precision or Zeiss would charge and a heck of alot cheaper than a new S16 compatible zoom. Contact Les directly if you are interested (les@lesbosher.co.uk).

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