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Re: New Crystal Motor for the Eclair ACL

Of course in an ideal world, the motor would actually be like an Aaton motor (or what Eclair intended on the next generation of ACL before they went under --- photo at memebers.aol.com/super16acl/panaran.htm --- yes, I know I've spelled PANARAM incorrectly), with the electronics in the base rather than extending as a box from the motor (this seems a definite advantage of the new Tobin Motor --- has anyone heard of any test results?). Of course, that would mean designing a new base to go along with the motor --- if that were done, then the toggle-style on/off switch of the ACL II base would be a good way to go (but ideally I think any new base should keep a small footprint like the ACL I and 1.5 base). Mark.
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