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Re: Eclair ACL Motor feedback

I've run 75fps with full 400' loads several times with great results.  I
only use it for short bursts, obvously, but I've had no trouble.

The 29.97 is crucial here in the states.  It solves SO many problems.  A
phase button would be cool too.....

(shootin' a pilot with my ACL this week!)

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Subject: Eclair ACL Motor feedback

Ray is correct about the added expense of 23.97 and 29.7.  The amount of
dividers needed in the electronics becomes cumbersome to hit all these
speeds.  Milliframe controllers aren't popular in the UK probably because
use 25fps, but I do understand the need for exact telecine speeds in the

However, I could be wrong, but none of the controllers listed, Arri, Aaton
or Tobin are compatible with any other motors except for their own.  If
isn't the case (as I suspect it may not be with the Tobin) then the
controller was designed specifically for already existing motors.  This
would mean that the new ACL motor would have to be designed around
accomodating sync from an existing miliframe controller.  A case of the
wagging the dog!

I can't see a miliframe controller being compatible with this motor, but
is feasible that to compensate, additional running speeds could be added.
As long as we all agree on the most important!

75fps although possible with the ACL has never been recommended.  Has
ever had problems with it running at this speed?  The designer of this
is adamant that it's a risk to the camera and he very much likes to play
safe.  I'd rather see the addition of 75fps but it would take an awful lot
to convince him it's okay.

When I have the prototype here, I'll try it out and then send it to Ray
testing (if he agrees).  That way you'll at least get some independent
results on its usefulness.



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