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Re: Eclair ACL Motor feedback

Part of the cool thing about the ACL is that it's self contained, small,
compact, light, etc.  I understand that the milliframe controller will allow
for 29.97fps, but then you'd have to buy a milliframe controller!

I wonder what the additional cost would be to add a 29.97fps speed to the
motor vs the cost of a milliframe controller?

I haven't had the need for odd speeds (although syncing to computer screens
would be nice) except for once....I did a behind the scenes on Big Brother
at the CBS lot, and we did have several shots in front of monitors.  We
lived with the flicker, but I wish we didn't have to.

Perhaps adding the 29.97fps speed would be a good marketing tool....Clive
apparently has his motor set up for his controller, but I'd be happy to have
a self contained unit which can sync with NTSC.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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A phase button would be nice...but then again it comes on the Tobin
controller and other controllers.  According to the Tobin website, his
milliframe controller works with a variety of cameras so I would think
it would be compatible as long as the motor generated the correct
reference signal (or is it the other way around?).

Frankly I would be scared to death to run my camera's 30 year old
mechanism at 75fps.  I'm just slightly older than that myself and I know
I don't run at the frame rates I once did.

It would be nice if the motor had the facility to brew coffee.  Might
come in handy on those long cold shoots up here in Minnesota:-)


Warren wrote:
> I've run 75fps with full 400' loads several times with great results.  I
> only use it for short bursts, obvously, but I've had no trouble.
> The 29.97 is crucial here in the states.  It solves SO many problems.  A
> phase button would be cool too.....
> (shootin' a pilot with my ACL this week!)
> Warren Yeager, SOC

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