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RE: Eclair ACL Super 16mm and 35mm

The Cameflex silencer!

Well, if you can silence a Cameflex, you can do anything. It's even noisier
than an Arri 2c.

I knew a machinist who silenced the Mitchell without the blimp. He used
belts instead of gears.

Good luck, and do let us know.


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How are you going about silencing the Cameflex--a blimp?  Seems like a
formidable task to totally silence such a noisy camera.  Doesn't seem like a
barney would be that effective.

Wade Ramsey

<<< themoviehouse@hotmail.com 12/30  3:20a >>>
... I'm currently rebuilding a Cameflex with my
engineer which will be totally silenced for sync sound....<

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