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RE: Eclair ACL Super 16mm and 35mm

As luck would have it I have a 10mm Schneider prime in an Arri standard mount w/ front and rear caps that I've been meaning to put up on ebay. I'd prefer to sell it to someone on the list if anyone is interested. Contact me privitely.



valexander@stan.csustan.edu wrote:
Hi, Mark

I appreciate the advice on the Schneiders. It will be more efficient for me
to get an adapter for the Arri lenses that I already have. I have the
standard 28-50-75mm Schneiders for the Arri 2c. I'll just have to get me a 10mm Schneider for the wide shots and I should be fine as far as primes for
the ACL are concerned. I'll probably test the Angenieux against the
Schneiders anyway. If there's a vast difference in sharpness, I'll put them
up on eBay.



PS: I enjoyed the discussion on Super 16 vs... 35mm that a few of us have been posting. Thanks to everyone for your response to my original enquiry.
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  There are two kinds of Arri-S adapters for the ACL. One screws into the
C-mount thread, the other into the outer threads of the flange (similar to the CA adapter). The latter is preferable. Even though I haven't ever done a comparison against Schneider lenses, from what I hear they should be vastly
superior to the Ang primes. Mark.

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