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Re: Eclair ACL English verus French


I just called the camera tech I mentioned, who would set the ACL's perf pitch by cutting a hole in the front of a spare camera body (he lives up in Eastern Canada, is retired, and refuses to service any more ACLs!), and I asked for more details on how he did it --- since I know that he did not use the Official Eclair Tool Kit.

He told me that he used a highly polished piece of metal 16mm film that is punched with perfs of perfect pitch (at one time supplied by Kodak), and then with the mechanism screwed tightly into his modified body (with the huge hole in the front), he would manually adjust the pitch through a microscope. (He mentioned as well that the tightness (torque) of the screws holding the rear housing pieces in place could affect the pitch adjustment by a tiny amount --- so that both front and rear body parts had to be tighly screwed into place while doing this). Perhaps this is the way that many ACL Techs do it, I don't know. But I thought that I'd supply the info. Mark. PS- He also mentioned that he would completely strip apart and rebuild the transmission, another major source of noise, and add new bearings to everything.

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